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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I don't want to be a hater no more: How to stop drinking Hatorade or prevent hatred from overpowering your life!

By Briana Booker

Now,there are two kinds of haters in the world, one with logical reasoning and one with bitch ass reasoning. You have logical reason to hate someone when the person has done you dead wrong. Prime examples would be scamming you out of funds, having an affair with your significant other or someone that always tries to get over on you but when it comes to doing you a favor he or she is no where in sight. If you know people like that, you simply need to drop them out your life. As the saying goes, " we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends."

But if you are a bitch ass hater, you fall into a different category. You just hate because someone appears to have something you want. You want to see the person you hate fail. You pray about bad things happening to him or her. And of course, when you see the person you grin real hard and go " But I really do like ___." If you have ever done this to anyone, without cause, other than the person being fierce or bad ass, please bitch slap yourself like Rick  James, R&B singer, slapped Charlie Murphy!

I pray for people that fit in the bitch ass category. I have worked with some. I have lived with some. I have gone to school with some. And I laugh every time I spot one because I always know he or she  is better off being real than fake. If you hate someone, just tell the person and explain why. You will feel better for it, trust me.

But on a serious note, for those who want to be saved from the Hater epidemic, you just need a dose of Shake them hater demons off you session! This blog is made to enrich people. If you are lying to yourself that you are not a hater, then you are not living the best potential life you can live. You are restraining yourself from greatness! You are consuming yourself with your jealousy and envy.

You are spending too much time on making yourself look small and making the person you hate look tall. Nothing is ever good enough for you and you most likely surround yourself around negative people. There is no way a truly positive person has the time or energy to be a hater.

When you strive to be your best, there will always be haters attracted to your swag. This is why you have to be very cautious of the company you surround yourself around. Be careful of whom you share your blessings and your dreams with in life. Sadly, some people pray on harm coming your way.

Some people simply hate and can not handle seeing someone have blessings come his or her way. It is dangerous to be that hateful and probably does a real working on your soul or makes your face age quicker.
Real talk. If your creator wanted you to be like someone else, the creator would have given you exactly what that person has,both the good and bad gifts.

When I feel a slight hatred of someone or bitter, i stop myself and think, I do not know what that person had to go through to get what he or she has at present. You should never see some one's glory and want that but can not handle his or her story.

Grass looks greener? The damn water bill is probably sky high! You can check this out from a run down neighborhood to a prestigious neighborhood. The better looking lawn is never cheap.

So, my best of advice to bitch ass haters are as followed:

1. Learn to have an actual relationship with your creator. Appreciate what you do have and stop being a bitch ass about what you do not have in your life. Make your ungrateful ass a list if you have to or ask someone hating on you what is good about your life. You usual can find out by his or her smart ass remarks or what he or she gossips about to other people about you. It works like a charm.

2. Light up a room when you walk in it. Show that you can bring good to both yourself and all those you touch. Get your gear together. Make a bad-ass nick name for yourself. Be a Beyonce, shy in person but bad ass when it is time to perform and put that A-game face on!

3. Start your own business.

You can never go wrong with self-initiative. Never.

4. Tell a man/woman to get lost (if he/she are not about the right thing).

The past few months i have been cutting dead weight out of my life. I feel like i can breath now and I am doing far better because i cut those people out my life! It is hard to kill old habits, but when you do, learning to fly with your wings is a taste of heaven.

5. Do not ask for a dime from Anyone.

Learn to be independent. Stand your own ground. If you do not, people are sure to rub it in your face when you are down and out. This is a sure sign of a hater in your presence.

6. Haters don't want to see you happy.

Learn to bring your own happiness. Learn to be happy in your own skin. Learn to be you and not an off brand of you.

7. Haters don't want to see you succeed

So strive to be the best you can be!

8. Haters don't want you to get the victory

So work hard to gain your victories.

For those of you, not haters at all,  here is how to handle your haters:

You have to handle your hater by realizing sometimes those haters are the people labeling themselves as on your side.

1. Knowing who you are and who your true friends are at all times helps!

2. Find your life purpose. I do not know how you will do this,but do this. We all have different purposes.

3. Remember what you have in your life. You are divine as a human when you do not lower yourself to human manipulation. 

When you do these 3 things, you will have a more fulfilling life. And do not think a job is going to get you there. You can have the best job in the world and still be unfulfilled as a person. To discover purpose, you have to find the calling your creator gave to you.

Fulfill your own dreams, not the dreams and definitions others have pushed upon you.
I live life like this:

I only have one life to live. I want to take my last dose of oxygen and feel at ease that I lived my life to its full potential, without too much regret. I lived a life of more love than hate.

When I see someone hate on me, I go, not my problem. If you do have a problem about how I live and what I have, you should take it up with the being in charge, not me.

SO remember, watch out for haters and do not forget to not become a hater yourself! xoxo.

p.s- I hate the xoxo remark,but it seemed fit to end this article with it. And do not overdose on hatred like this one....

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