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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The upcoming Novous ordo seclorum (New order of the Ages).

Picture I took in Fells Point, MD.

By Briana Booker


As economic and social suffering and disarray increases in our present social order, I like to take out the time to entertain the thought of a possible New order of the Ages or New social order. A New order of the Ages or New social order can be a dramatic transition of global change in political ideology and balancing of power.

  Society has come to a period where States can no longer be Islands to survive- Israel, China and the  United States of America (just to name a few). Islands are collapsing the social order of our society.

Our present social order is not working based on the actions of greed, money and power within our global macro politics. Social common decency and a good quality of life for all have been overlooked. Money is valued more than human life, or any life for that matter. It is obvious that the state governance and its citizens have barriers that prevent their unification and defined identity. There is no longer much loyalty to the State or faith in the State. There is no order; there is no peace. A battle for resources and social prestige is what allows this problematic intersection of political and social conflict.

  For example, in western society an individual desires to be the conductor of his or her own life orchestra. Western society traditionally allowed its citizens immeasurable ideal freedoms and opportunities of prosperity. It gave no need to blend state and religion. But now, here we are fighting wars with countries that are based on collective living and society revolving around no separation of church and state. For example in the Arab world, traditional Islamic society blends religious principles with economic and social factors. People are not certain if assimilating to western culture is better or getting back to the basics of Islamic society is in their best interest. But both society cultures have corruption and social tensions as a commonality. These governments are not accomplishing co-exist in a civil manner with their citizens to achieve stability and comfortable livelihoods. This has happened because respect for one another has literally dissipated. When respect dissipates, States and their citizens will not flourish. We have come to a point where we are tormented by our own cognitive dissonance.

Some of us are obsessed with our desire for power and fair opportunity ( consisting of political and economic liberty, equality and protection) once we are denied these privileges due to social stature. The system is no longer granting 'justice', therefore it needs reforming.

But, I do not approve of these cells of people revenging States by becoming religious and political extremists. Yes, I understand the only citizens being respected are the ones with economic wealth and power of influence. Yes, I understand the working class is tremendously impacted by the abuse of power by the State and the minority bourgeois. And yes, I feel trapped in this system of lifestyles and livelihoods. And sometimes, I do see the appeal of a socialist society, when I overview the devastation our present capitalist society has accomplished throughout the world. But since we know our present social order is failing, we can not live anymore in vast divisions of power.

  Vengeance can not be more important than using intelligence to potentially free our society of an increasing life of poverty and social abuse. If we become obsessed with this objective of vengeance and distrust, we will not be able to adapt to the realities of this environment and correct errors in our failing social order.

   To be more modern and prosperous than we are now, politics of the State must stop conducting its practices and ideas around the best interest of the state. It needs to act in the best interest of its people.

   These governments are becoming too powerful. We have come to the point in our society where individuals have no genuine self-directive. The result has been wide-spread political and religious corruption of all walks of life. Cultural and social satisfaction can never come from corrupt political or religious principles. 
 Historically, the contemporary intersection of the human spirit for human rights and the practice of authoritarian power have been inevitable. Individuals and States are known to choose either human spirit or authoritarianism to accomplish moral decision making. No one is immune to faulty judgment. We all seem to be in competition with each other to be better than others, rather than being better than our previous selves. We have learned this by observing the actions of the States. The States speak beautiful words, yet disguise ugly actions. When States are built on that principle, there can never be a universally prosperous society. 
 The same principles we say our society lives and dies for- democracy and virtue, have been compromised. We do not respect or care for one another.                                                    
  A social system can not be valid, if words and scripture are only iterated but not truly enforced in actions of the State and its people. The only results will be instability and no unity. This has already happened.  
Our American culture principles promote self-directive and initiative, but the economic glass ceiling barriers disperses resources and wealth unfairly. And now our development as a nation and as a global society is slowly, but surely becoming stagnant. It is tragic and all social classes are impacted. To revive our society, strength will not come only from tangible existence and materials, but internal balance in us.
  We have two paths. One is of progress and the other is a path to moral demise. If we stay on the moral demise path, the vast social gaps of inequality and corrupt governance will expand. The turmoil in developing and developed State politics and the human spirit will continue until we can establish a compatible existence.
New Order of the Ages

It  is now time we aim for collaboration and collectivism to address world-wide distress for human rights and to create a sustainable environment for not only our present population but for our future generations. This should not be about transiting every government in the world into a democratic government. This New order of the Ages should be about increasing the welfare of all Nations, not just some. In the words of Winston Churchill, we should establish a world order where “The principles of justice and fair play...protect the weak against the strong," and real Human Rights have a home everywhere in the world.

     The peace held in this new order will not be based on political laws or enforcement. It will not revolve around obligatory systems, but of our choice to practice peace and love.

The desire for peace and love will make us more inclined to not want to strive to get ahead or over on one another. We will not desire taking advantage of one another. If we can give each of us at least the necessities of food, clothes and shelter, then we can finally care for one another. Maybe care is the cure, because it lacks in our present social order that thrives on fear and guilt.

Look at our world, every barrier and battle here is based on memories of bitterness and painful realizations that come to our mind when we are around someone we have hurt or been hurt by. It has created wars and poverty.

 And no, this new social order will not be perfect, because it is real and not ideal. You will not have to be a dreamer or intellect to function in this new social order.

Our present social society is failing because our system revolves around laws that try to set limits to evil. But what we need is the ability to create virtue. We all have certain self-interest that make us gravitate to one another for a service or product. We have the ability to give to each other and to receive a better distribution of property and possessions.  The one thing holding us back is whether we have the intentions to do so.

Restoration of order is feasible.

In the next few generations most dominating Authoritarian forces will expire just based on the concept of death. We all age. And when that happens, the mustard seeds of the New Order of the Ages have the ability to sprout into something bigger and better than our minds could comprehend. However, I will not lie- those who spend their lives trying to maintain this present order will lose it. And those ready to lose their present way of life for the new order will save it.

In another article I will go into depth on detailed examples of the changing of the social order by present political government transitions happening throughout the world and how this could help open a path to this New Order of the Ages.


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