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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morals of the week: Know you.

" Be Happy. It is one way of being wise."~Unknown

By Briana Booker

As I grow older, I am learning everyday that I guide my own happiness as well as my own unhappiness. Never blame someone else for your own unhappiness. You should be in control of your own life.

No one can make or break you. You allow it to happen or not. Never let fear hold you back from your own happiness.

You ask how to guide your own life and happiness, right?

My best advice is to know yourself. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself.  When you follow these guidelines, only then can you truly appreciate,love someone else and open doors for yourself in both your personal life and career wise!

It is easier said. It is harder to accomplish,but it does wonders once you start to uplift the barriers you set for yourself within your environment!

Enjoy life! Live.

" Being Happy doesn't mean everything is perfect..." ~Unknown.

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