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Friday, June 18, 2010

Justice or not? : Ronnie Lee Gardner executed by firing squad.

By Briana Booker

Now that Ronnie Lee Gardner, a man that shot an attorney and another man in the 80's has been put to death, i am not sure what to think. I personally think he may have tried to repent for his sins. Gardner never announced he was innocent for the crime. In fact, he said if you live by the gun, you should die by the gun. It is a bold statement.

Maybe we should all be treated for how we live our lives. If we are assholes, we should be treated like assholes, not just by some people,but by all people. Act how you act with everyone. Do not try to appear a decent person in the public eye and then be a rotten person behind closed doors.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when nice people finish last in this world. However, it leaves a worse taste in my mouth when the world still punishes people that went from cruel to humble people. There is a difference when a person that is cruel remains cruel, while another person tries to repent for their sins. I honestly believe Gardner was trying to repent for his sins.

Maybe Gardner felt death would finally give him peace. After this lifetime, I am hoping death does give peace.

A few hours before Gardner's execution he was napping in his cell. Reports stated he looked calm and collected going in for his execution.

Gardner's last words were "I do not. No." when asked if he had any final words. His last meal was steak, lobster, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

It was not the meal that was strange,but that he chose his meal to be 48 hours before his execution so he could fast before his final day.

If there is a life after death, I hope those that have learned and practiced better actions since those mistakes are allowed a second chance for rebirth.

I am not sure if Gardner found peace,but I do respect the fasting and admitting of his wrongs. I can not get that from people still living and breathing on this earth.

No one likes to take blame for his or her rotten actions. It takes guts to do that. People rather point fingers and lie instead. So those applauding the death of someone, you should seat back and think on that. We all have a judgement day. And I find this firing squad execution revolting.

1 comment:

  1. I guess it depends if you think that people can truly change. If you kill someone, you give up being "someone who would never do that". Forever.

    Plus, he chose the method of execution.