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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everything is economics?

By Briana Booker

 I have often been told by elders...everyone needs money. I can not buy happiness,but still money is a necessity for survival.  I have heard money is the root of all evil,but I have heard you can not live without money. So, would that naturally incline me to define my roots through money? My social prestige? My social value?

It is kind of a bittersweet realization, is it not? I can not go to college without money. Society will prevent me from obtaining knowledge on lack of a dollar and some cents.

Some people believe money can buy love, seeing love as being lovable. At some point in one's life, he or she seeks to be lovable to the degree one wins friends and influence. It does not matter if it is real love. It is about power. Never letting your guard down. It is not for love. It is an initial excitement,and at the same time a hint of loneliness, not actual love. Love nor money rarely just happens. One must obtain knowledge and real effort to sustain adequate amounts of both. The pursuit of love and money are not always about pleasant sensations, sometimes it is simply about need. And when you obtain vast levels of both, you hope to not have fallen luckily into obtainment but in for a healthy and unlimited usage. One can dream.

Is it true you get what you give? Or can we lack in thought and behavior, and still get what we want? It is all economics, right? I came cross an interesting idea by the socialist philosopher Max Weber that stated behavior and thinking can not be separated by religious or moral principals of thought because everyday purposive conduct within society still hold the ends of  religious purpose...actions are predominately economic.

Weber's idea is that we all try to manipulate spirits in hope to advance economic interest for ourselves.  I assume the act of  reciprocity matters. I mean, most of the times I have ever been dissatisfied with life were based on lack of reciprocity, in some way or some form. In fact, I use to think the universe owed me happiness until I realized the universe never made me a contract guaranteeing happiness. It never guaranteed me eternal life or anything. I am just here. I am just me. Since concluding that, I have been on this mission to seek more from myself than my external world. However, I still seek that desire of searching for reciprocity of others. I still live in society for now, so is it justified?

 Who knows? It is just food for thought.

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