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Monday, May 10, 2010

Must hear music: The Roots " Clock with no hands.

The Roots never let you down musically. It is what I am listening to today. Always try to rise above your problems! If you can not see the video, click here.

-Briana Booker

"Clock With No Hands"

[Black Thought]

Yeah, sitting in the staircase, holding back tears

Looking over mad years worth of photographs

Pictures of some places I ain't never going back

Some people I used to love, why I ain't show them that?

The skies was overcast, when I was sober last

My head is spinning, couldn't tell you if it's slow or fast

It's starting to get too clear, I got to go and grass

To y'all it's a shame but life is what we know it as

Waiting, navigating the plot, without plans

In the car, it's hard to read as a clock with no hands

How your man's goin' get up and stop with no yams

All it take is one break, it could pop the program

Whether sinning or not, my back bending like I'm sentenced a lot

I feel some brothers is beginning to plot

It might have been a close friend I forgot

Who started up and ain't remember to stop

I bet these niggaz going remember the shop


People think that I'm crazy, just cause I wanna be alone

You can't depend on friends to help you in a squeeze

We all deal with shit on our own

And sometimes the beef can grow, get out of hand

Yeah, you know it gets full blown

I never said that you mean the world to me

Maybe it's best that you never know

Yo, I'm like Malcom out the window with the weapon out

Searching for somehow to find a minute or the second now

Precious time is money that I ain't got to mess about

Need it from the horse's mouth or from my eye with less account

Lessons with my back to the wall, scoping my session out

Stay a little edgy at times when I ain't stressing bout

Haters don't know shit about me, they the ones that talk shit

Those that love me send it out, so I ain't got to force quit

Cause I'm doing better now, don't mean I never lost shit

I was married to a state of mind and I divorced it, man

I'm from where brothers moving product from the porches

People locking their doors, clutching to their crosses

The block hot by the law, there ain't too many choices

So what I do is for y'all, there ain't too many voices left

I watch my back, and watch my step

And I might forgive, but I will not forget come on


Yo, living in turbulent times

The blind leading the blind

Some call it evolution, some say intelligent design

You say you want a revolution, you out of your mizind

Your sons' destitute, and their pops all in the prison

My man's back in the jam, he like the back of my hand

He just attracted to scam, he right back in the can

I never sleepwalking, you dig

You get your shuteye

I'm on the first thing in, I'm leaving on the red-eye

My brother back in rehab, just had another relapse

But fin himself, it's been like he's been fighting an energy

Half telling me nobody true when they pretend to be that

So closer than friends, that's where I keep my enemy at

To many parties concerned, it's time to live it and learn

Until we're able to grow, forever bridges we burn

My thoughts free as a bird, that's just about to emerge

And every action is heard, it speaks louder than words, yo

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