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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thumbs up or down: What Chili Wants

By Briana Booker

I watched What Chili Wants.  I use to be like Chili. I wanted perfection. I wanted a big " Ding, Ding", 6 packs, does not drink, and does not smoke. Oh, and above all, does not eat pork!

Take it from me, you do not want perfection. I tried it and realized, if i am not perfect, why should I expect a guy I love to be perfect?

Seeking perfection often leads to disaster. Not to mention, some people categorized as friends are not always the people you should seek for the best advice. If you take advice from a friend, make sure that chick is honest and loyal! Because, common sense implies, if your friend is single and trying to find you a man and herself as well, she is bound to potentially take your "perfect man," if she ever does find Mr. Perfect. That is like handing someone your million dollar check! Sometimes, taking care of your own business is a better tactic!

 Lucky for Chili, her friend,so far, is not a stereotypical stab you in the back chick! She is what every girl wants in a friend! A chick that makes you laugh and knows how to spot a potential mate for you! Snap, snap to friend duties! Not only are the men on this show fine but they are go-getters!

We think it is a good tactic of her friend to find out what Chili really needs in a man by going to her family, ex, and friends to see where Chili might have gone wrong in the past!

I have learned it is best not to scope your perfect person, because when you are not aiming to find that perfect person, your probability of finding mr. or ms. right increases! Ask anyone who has been there and done that... see if you notice a pattern.

So far, I like the show! It is insightful and I like how Chili carries herself!  It is not too dramatic and it is not too dull. I feel that it is a bit more classier than the other reality shows out there( no Brandy and Ray J drama of Family Business ). However, I worry that since it is not dramatic and raunchy it might be so appealing to mainstream audiences. But I still think it is refreshing!

She is very health-oriented. I love her fashion sense ( she definitely was looking fierce in her blue dress)! And I like how she will not settle for just anything. Sometimes, you have to love yourself enough to say no to certain preferences and yes to others. I also like how this show goes through conflicts we all face- whether we should take a friendship to the next level! Is it bad to try to turn a friendship to a romance? Is it bad to want to have control of a situation? Is it bad to give things a chance?

Relationships take compromise and effort! I give this show a thumbs up so far! I hope Chili finds what she wants and finds a  man willing to put in the effort and compromise with her!

Also, I feel Fromgirltogirl's readers and I have many lessons to learn from What Chili Wants! I recommend people to stay tune to see what happens on Chili's quest to find love!


  1. chili i have see the show and by looking at you , you should not be too picky . chili take a second look at yourself in the mirror. yor legs are so short and you look so funny when you dance. i'm not being mean, i am just telling it like it is. you need to lighten up on the men chili because you are noooot aal that. just speaking the truth.

  2. you need to give the men a break chili because you are not all that. with your age and kid and the shape of your funny looking body your package is not all that pretty to open