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Friday, January 29, 2010

Vaginal odors: To smell or not to smell, that is the question!

By Briana Booker

Now, I know Valentines day is coming soon! This is the best time, by popular demand, to introduce Fromgirltogirl's sex advice blogging! A majority of women feel uncomfortable when discussing or pondering whether their vaginal area smells okay! I mean, if your partner is down there, you and your partner should be happy with the smell!

A smell down there is very normal ( and yes, it does drive your partner crazy in good and bad ways)! Smell varies woman to woman, so do not worry if you do not smell the same as your best friend( hope you do not know this information,but if you do, that is cool too)! Here are just a few tips on  how to minimize bad odors and maximize appealing odors from your vagina!

The ways to minimize smelly vaginal  odors

1. Improve Hygiene. Wash your vaginal area daily. If you do not, expect plenty of smell from there! This smell comes from bacterial Vaginosis (overgrowth of a natural bacterial infection). You will know you have it when you smell a very distinctive fishy smell. And no, it does not come from sleeping with multiple partners around town! It will not go away with just a shower! It has to be treated by going to the doctor for a prescription.

On the other extreme of the infections spectrum, are yeast infections. These infections do not smell.

2. You smell how you pee.  I recommend that if your urine abnormally smells bad, that you make a list of what you drink and eat! The saying is true- you are what you eat! And yes, depending on what you eat, will make you not only smell better or for worse, but it will make you taste good or bad ( this depends on your partners appetite). So, try to stay away  from or moderate anything  you eat or drink that has a strong smell to it! Examples of such  strong smells are coffee, tea, asparagus, onions and garlic!

3. Sweat control!  One would be surprised how much odor sweat can create in the vaginal area! We suggest carrying baby wipes with you on the go! You do not have to use them everyday,but use the baby wipes every few days! Body hair can hold a strong, distinctive scent for over 20 minutes and will not disappear until the next washing! Just a heads up! This is why shaving and waxing minimizes smells in the vaginal area!

But I completely understand if you had a great night out on the town and just did not want to get rid of those funky under-wears!

Now since you know what makes you smelly, here is what gets rid of the bad smells!

1. Use those baby wipes like you use toilet paper! You'll thank me later!

2. Drink Cranberry juice! It gets rid of bad urine smells! A cup a day will keep you so fresh and so clean!

3. Drink Pineapple juice! It makes you smell and taste better! Again, thank me later!

4. Use baby oil( only externally)! It keeps you smelling okay, soft, and moisturized!

Until next time, stay fresh, clean and sexually happy!

1 comment:

  1. I think we miss one more to-do list here.

    Shaving ! Yes you have to shave regularly.
    Keep that place clean.